Old Man's Journey

Privacy Policy

Storage Permission

Old Man's Journey only accesses your storage to read in game relevant data from a ressource package delivered by Google Play and to store screenshots of the game.

Google Play Games Services and Google Sign-In

We use Google Play Games Services to synchronize save games between your devices. I you don't want to synchronize save files, you don't need to sign in. To manually sign out or to sign in, we provide a Google Sign-in button in the pause menu. We don't access any data of your Google account. The play experience will always be the same, even if you don't sign-in to Google!'


We have recently found out that Unity 5.6.4, which we used to build Old Man's Journey for Android, implements an interface to request a device's Android Device ID and the Advertising ID even though this was never enabled by us. This is a bug and sadly it won't be fixed in this old Unity version anymore. We don't use this interface or these IDs in Old Man's Journey whatsoever and never access them.'


If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy please contact us at